ePath Solutions is a fast growing company, focusing to become a global leader in providing Hybrid, Pure Cloud solutions along with traditional on premise solutions.

Our expertise is second to none. We want to be your true partner by helping you at every step of the way. We want to take care of your existing solutions and help build Next Generation solutions by taking advantage of Big Data, Cloud, In-Memory and Mobile Technologies. There are myriad options and technologies each suitable for particular situation. We want to guide you in the right path, at the right time with the right expertise and help bring your ideas to fruition. We want to make sure your interests are best served now and in the long term.

To better serve our customers we are open for new partnerships to bring synergistic benefits of combining our strengths and expertise in complementary areas.

Productivity Plus Suite

Introducing a suite of high productivity applications targeted for Business Users, IT Team and Sales Force. Flexible Business Rules Engine to easily adapt to New Audience and New Business Processes.

Product Highlights

For more details, please get in touch with sales team (sales@epathcorp.com